Office Fees

Giving You the Full Picture

At Leominster Family Dentists, we put you at the center of everything we do, which means being as transparent as possible about not only who we are and the services we offer, but also about how our fees are structured. We’ve listed most of our services with fee structures below. Please understand that each procedure could vary in price from these numbers depending on the need—every patient and every case is different.

Preventative Care

Cleaning, Exam, Full Series of X-rays, Fluoride (D0150)


Deep Cleaning (D4341/D4342)

$207 - $285 per quadrant

Posterior Composite (White) Fillings

$178 - $351

D2391 (1 surface) $178
D2392 (2 surfaces) $234
D2393 (3 surfaces) $289
D2394 (4 surfaces) $351

Anterior Composite (White) Fillings

$160 - $312

D2330 (1 surface) $160
D2331 (2 surfaces) $200
D2332 (3 surfaces) $244
D2335 (4 surfaces) $312

Restorative Dental

Dental Implants (D6010/D6057/D6059)


Includes 3-D X-ray. Fees may change as grafting and other adjunctive services may be necessary.

Cosmetic Dental

Take Home Whitening


Take Home and In-Office Whitening


Porcelain Veneers



$4,000 - $6,000

Additional Services

Sedation Nitrous (D9230b)